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If you are interested in posting with us, please review the guidelines outlined below.

Blog Post Guidelines

The purpose of a blog post is to be a short and informative introduction to an academic topic of interest. Blog posts should be short, between 500-1,500 words. Blog posts should be more informal in tone than an academic paper, yet maintaining an informative tone. Because blog posts take on a more informal tone, the use of multimedia features, such as pictures and hyperlinks, to illustrate the topic is greatly encouraged. Please take advantage of the many unique features a blog setting provides. Blog posts should be edited and clearly written with proper grammar. Finally, all blog posts contain the views of the poster and not those of Peace and Change: A Journal of Peace Research.

Comment Guidelines

  1. Please make respectful and relevant comments.
  2. The purpose of comments is to facilitate further academic discussion.
  3. We reserve the right to review and remove any inappropriate and irrelevant comments.

Copyright Notice

Images, videos, and other media on Peace & Change Blog may only be used with the permission of the owner/copyright holder.


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