The October Issue is Here! Now Check Out What’s Coming in January…

Be sure to reserve some time in January to check out “World War I and the Gendered Subtexts of War Trauma,” a special issue of Peace & Change guest edited by Jerry Lembcke. This issue got its start at the “World War I: Dissent, Activism, & Transformation” conference at Georgian Court University in October 2014, where Jerry spotted fascinating thematic continuities across papers on the representation of shell shock victims across genres and times–from the medical journal The Lancet, the feminist writings of Jeanne Halbwachs, and canonical works of modernist fiction by Virginia Woolf and Ernest Hemingway to recent commentary in The Washington Post on traumatic brain injury among veterans who continue to return from the “War on Terror.”

To frame these papers within a broader historical context, conference organizer Scott Bennett conducted an interview via videoconference with keynote speakers Harriet Hyman Alonso and Adam Hochschild. These two prominent voices on the history of Great War and its aftermath discussed their most pressing concerns about the history of of the Great War, its profound human costs, current issues in World War I historiography, representations of veterans of recent wars, and reflections on the centenary commemorations of World War I which, they say, could use more detailed, nuanced histories of women’s experiences of war and peacemaking and of the heroism of dissidents and war resisters of all genders.


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