Peace & Change Blog is the dynamic online accompaniment to the Peace & Change: A Journal of Peace Research, the quarterly journal sponsored by the Peace History Society and the Peace and Justice Studies Association, and published by Wiley Blackwell.

The blog is a place for exploration and dialogue beyond the pages of the journal. In addition to previewing and expanding upon journal content, Peace & Change Blog will regularly feature

· interviews with scholars, activists, teachers, and students of peace history and peace studies about issues in the field
· updates on digital scholarship, tools, and archives to support peace history research
· commentary from students and teachers on their experiences in and outside the peace studies classroom
· new publications of interest

Most importantly, Peace & Change Blog offers an online community space for everyone with an interest in peace history and peace studies. We welcome proposals for guest blog posts. Please review our policy for guest blogging send a short description of no more than 350 words to peaceandchangejournal@peacehistorysociety.org

You are also heartily encouraged to post responses to articles and features—just be sure to read and follow our policies.

We look forward to the conversation!


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